Some Uncensored Opinions

So there's some stuff I feel the need to express. If you don't like swearing and/or curmudgeoning, feel free to skip this.

1. Barack Obama drives me fucking nuts. I liked him back when he'd only written ONE book. Now his grinning mug is everywhere, and his shtick is becoming clear, and I am SO OVER him. Hillary has my vote, that's how annoyed I am.

2. That said, I am so fucking sick of this election already. Just vote how you want to vote, people, and then we'll see who wins, won't we? Meantime, shut the fuck up already.

3. That book you're buying? Is stupid. No, shut up. It is. Stupid. I'm just saying.

4. New computer! Yay! I love my new computer. I want to marry it. It has a little camera and it can have more than one program open at a time without crashing.

5. That said, Best Buy could be a hell of a lot more specific on its website about which games are supported for which systems. And your games-for-Macs selection? Sucks ASS. Bejeweled. Jesus Christ. For one thing, I can play that for free online, and for another, my little sister's game where she's a jumping piece of gum is way more interesting.

Thus ends the curmudgeoning of the day.