Good Old Wooden O

Obviously, I missed my update day yesterday. My excuse is that I'm staying in London and getting on the net in 15 minute increments at 50p each.

Plus, my Globe stuff is very exciting to me, but may be less so to others. I'm having a total blast -- they take us up on the stage to say lines and move around; we're doing text work on Hamlet and Julius Caesar; we have movement, and voice, and stage combat with big swords - it's fun.

It's also stressful, of course, and not a lot of private time in a hostel and very expensive food and stressful things like that. Exhausting. That's the word.

In other news, not unreleated, I caught the musical stage version of Sunset Boulevard last Saturday. I regret to inform the general public that whatever Andrew Lloyd Webber may or may not once have had (that is up for debate), he has now lost it. Which is sad, because I enjoy several, though not all of his musicals. But whatever it was, it's gone now; the music (and lyrics) were by far the worst element of this particular musical. Story - good; concept - interesting; acting - fantastic; songs - toilet. Sad but true.

I've been buying loads of books, but instead of writing about them, I have to sign off.


Fantasies Come True

Guess what I did today....


That is all.


I Knew him, Horatio

Whee, much to tell, and only eleven more minutes of internet time.

So. Doctor Who must have whupped some serious alien ass over England this week, because the southwest got a freak snowstorm. AS we were driving back from our performance at the naval academy, so we very nearly got caught in it. Well, we DID get caught in it, but luckily we had inside sources and took an alternative route, or we would have gotten SO caught in it that we would have had to be rescued. We weren't that caught in it, but the drive that should have taken forty minutes took over three hours. So that was quite dramatic, but I assume we are relatviely safe from that alien menace now.

Until, like, Tuesday, when another storm is expected. Perhaps the aliens are planning to come back.

Playing the naval college was a story in itself - we got a tour and everything! - but since I only have time for a limited number of exciting stories, I had to prioritize.

Today, we arrived in London, booked into our hostel (triple decker bunks! I am on the very top) and went out to dinnner. And as we came out from dinner, we saw the red carpet where all the celebrities were leaving the BAFTAs. Which was also quite exciting.

We saw Emma Watson (Hermione), Patrick Stewart (again, for me!), Kate Winslet, Noel Clarke (Mickey from Doctor Who) and someone who might have been Helen Mirren, and someone else who might have been Meryl Streep. (Shut up. It was very crowded and hard to see.) So that was a good end to the day.

And now, there is no more internet time, so Globe updates will wait until tomorrow, when I actually know something.


On a Lighter Note

Because I know all my readers are absolutely dying to know how I waste time here in England. Pubs? No. Seeing shows? I wish. Saying "cheers"? Never. Studying? Ha! You're funny.

What are all those to a person who can play Bubble Spinner?

It's a little like Tetris, and a little like Color Junction, and you play it with computer generated balls, which is all the selling points I needed. Actually, I didn't know half those selling points and I got addicted anyway.

In about half an hour or an hour of playing, I managed a high score of 126. Now scamper along and beat that so that you can all point and laugh.

Flat, Stale, and Unprofitable

You know, I've been thinking, on and off, what to write about all day long, and I can't come up with basically anything. Not that I haven't done stuff this week, because I have. Oh, brother, have I ever.

Monday was last minute rehearsals, Tuesday tech, Wednesday dress, and Thursday our opening. Thursday too, my dad's younger brother (hereafter denoted as Uncle O) arrived here at my uni. Friday, a day off, and Saturday, a tour show. Today, Uncle O headed out.

I feel bad, because what with all the rehearsals and things, I wasn't really prepped to handle a visitor. So there was a lot more wandering, and a lot fewer tours, than was anticipated. He did see my show twice, bless him, and said he enjoyed it both times, but I was not at the peak of my hospitality, and so feel bad.

Today is a day off, and since I dropped Uncle O back at the train station, it's been a lot of sitting around in front of the computer, eating chocolate. I wish I were kidding, but alas. It's been flipping freezing here (I'm not exaggerating. Literally, the temperature has been down by zero) and exhaustion from the show has made me feel that on some days, the best you can hope for is to make it till bedtime.

Which is not to say that the show is going badly, at all, or that I didn't have a fun weekend. I think the flatness comes rather from overextension. Look for a more cheerful update next week, when I'll be finished touring and on my way to London!